Kitty's Colonel For The Special Reconnaissance Regiment(SRR)

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Kitty's Colonel For The Special Reconnaissance Regiment(SRR) Empty Kitty's Colonel For The Special Reconnaissance Regiment(SRR)

Post by Cheeky005 on Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:55 am

In order to apply for a commanding position you MUST be a member of the regiment you're applying for! (except for Trooper regiment and empty regiments)
Note: To apply you must be active on the forums .
Applying for a taken position will result in your application being DENIED.
Reposting an application for any reason will result in it being DENIED.
PM forum staff of any issues regarding editing applications.

OOC (Out Of Character):
Steamname: (CW Helper) Osiris
Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:88228845
Name: Charlie Lewis
Have you been kicked or banned? : Nope
Amount of warns (6 or less)(Provide Screenshot): One i accidently shot a man and warned myself for it. (Server isn't up i cannot get a screenshot.

Which Regiment you applying as Commander for?:Special Reconnaissance Regiment, or SRR.
Your Age (13+): 13
How much Playtime you got on Cloud Networks?(Provide screenshot): 2days plus more. (Cannot provide screenshot as server is down)
Garry's Mod Playtime (Min 250 Hrs.): 2119
Are you active on the forums?: Yes I look at it every 2 hours when I am online.
Number of forum posts: 20
Are you active on Teamspeak?: I don't use TeamSpeak I use Discord.
Do you have a clear, working Microphone?: Yes I do
Link to SMMC or equivalent app: It was removed.
Explain the following Words/Tags :
RDM: Random death match (Killing someone without an rp reason)
Metagaming: Using out of game information to help you in a situation.
FearRP: When you have to act scared in an rp situation.
FailRP: Fail rp is failing to role play as your character. Like sitting on people's heads and shooting randomly.
Powergaming: Using /me or actions to help you in a situation and to give other people no chance like. /me Knocks his gun out of his hand then takes it and shoots him. This is making it unfair for other players using power to take over the situation.

What support will players coming into the regiment be offered? People inside of my regiment will be given elite training,reward eg: Promotions, Medals and ribbons.
They will be taught about how the SRR was made and what they do.
They will gain knowledge and a lot of new nice friends to rp with.
How will you reward players in your regiment?: I will give them promotions, medals, ribbons and special training with people to reward them.
What are your plans to keeping the regiment active and interested?: I will be doing regular mandatory training eg: Every day once or twice. I will be doing missions with them and drills. I will teach them new formations and I have already done this we all listen to music together/movies.
Why do you want to be Commander of this Regiment?: I think that my experience and strictness will make the other SRR members better and stronger. I want to help people make new friends. I would like to help people with rping and to have a good time as an SRR. I think my kind personality will make people want to stay on the server and have a good time.
Describe yourself (Min. 3 paragraphs): I am a strict but fair person I can take control of an whole army because of all of my experience from other servers but also from IRL moments. People tend to rely on me because I am staff even ask Rob people ask me first when in trouble or when they want an event.
I can get angry but I control it when people do not follow rp and try to ruin the fun for other players on the server. When making events I can be very strict but from IRL I have learnt that you must be strict but fair. I am very reliable and always there for people when they need me the most.
I am very open to suggestion and to talking to people. I like everything to be equal hence why I am the star sign Libra. I am a honest person who talks to people straight on. I can have my moments like everyone else when I mess around but that is off the server or at 4am on the server.
Because of playing rugby for 9 years I have learnt how to lead a squad and how to listen correctly. I also am very sporty but I play on my computer a lot. I can be very addicted to games hence why I play gmod so much.
IC (In- Character):
Name: Charlie Lewis
Your current free regiment?: Special Reconnaissance Regiment, or SRR.
Rank: SAS CPL Osiris(ex SAS MAJGEN but i demoted myself because i wanted to step down)

Describe yourself (min. 2 paragraphs): I am a strict CPL. For many years I haven't been very talkative but after I went to school I became very talkative. Because my Dad was a CSGT of the Royal Marines he taught me how to survive in the wild. He also taught me how to order around soldiers, because of this at school I was very demanding because of this.
Because of my hobbies at hunting and surviving I decided to join the army so that I could help people and use my hobbies to help others. When I joined the Royal Marines I went on a mission to a bunker where I secured a nuke. Because of my great work with a shot and ordering troops I was promoted to CPL. After that I carried out four more missions.
Because of my characters build (6ft 4inches tall) I wasn't aloud to join the SAS at the start because they like people to look normal when undercover. After 3 years the SAS accepted me into their ranks because of my team work. Finally after joining I became a 2nd Lieutenant but a long time after i became a Major General.
Your characters story: Born an raised in a little village in Leicestershire I was a very normal boy who went to school. The first day I went to school I held onto my dad's leg for the whole day. The next day I let go of my Dad and I went into the school. When I started going to school I started to get to know everyone. I made friends with everyone I knew. But after I got into year 7 I started to go through puberty where I started to grow a lot taller than all of my fellow pupils. In the middle of year 7 my lady pulling skills started to pull of when I pulled 5 girls. I decided to stay on my own. After a long think at the age of 19 I decided to enlist to the army. At the age of 25 I was put into the Special Air Service after a couple of years I was placed at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. After becoming the Major General of the SAS i was invited to join the SRR and i accepted.
By filling in this application, you agree to taking responsibility towards the chosen regiment and that failure to provide necessary content for them both in-game and on the forums may lead to the rank being removed. You further agree to the rules of Cloudnetworks and accept that you may further lose your rank dependant on actions in-game which may break the rules.
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