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Post by OhhMongo on Sun Dec 18, 2016 1:36 am

I have a few suggestions for tryouts on the regiments which I think will come in very handy to make our server more realistic and serious. I have already talked to Welshy about this but I wanted to know what you all think.

My suggestion is that tryout recruits should revise basic knowledge and history on their regiment such as "What is the SAS's Motto?" and "When was the SAS formed?" for 10 minutes and then be given a test on them. Depending on the difficult of regiment recruit they must get a certain amount of answers correct. Regiment commanders must also do their research and learn a lot more than the usual recruit as they are a commander and should know everything they need to know about their regiment. I believe this would be a great thing for regiment commanders to start doing as it can help create a better understanding for our fellow soldiers when in roleplay. I've noticed that many soldiers from the SAS, Navy Seals and many other regiments never really have an understanding of how their regiment functions, so getting recruits to do their revision about the regiments will help create a better experience for everyone.

I do hope our commanders read this and start using this in their tryouts as I believe it is a great idea!

Thankyou, SAS WO1 Robison (OhhMongo)


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