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Post by welshy on Mon Dec 12, 2016 8:14 pm

Please Use this template when applying for COLONEL

In order to apply for a commanding position you MUST be a member of the regiment you're applying for! (except for Trooper regiment and empty regiments)

Note: To apply you must be active on the forums .
Applying for a taken position will result in your application being DENIED.
Reposting an application for any reason will result in it being DENIED.
PM forum staff of any issues regarding editing applications.

OOC (Out Of Character):


Have you been kicked or banned? :
Amount of warns (6 or less)(Provide Screenshot):
Which Regiment you applying as Commander for?:

Your Age (13+):
How much Playtime you got on Cloud Networks?(Provide screenshot):
Garry's Mod Playtime (Min 250 Hrs.):

Are you active on the forums?:
Number of forum posts:

Are you active on Teamspeak?:
Do you have a clear, working Microphone?:

Link to SMMC or equivalent app:

Explain the following Words/Tags :






What support will players coming into the regiment be offered?

How will you reward players in your regiment?:

What are your plans to keeping the regiment active and interested?:

Why do you want to be Commander of this Regiment?:

Describe yourself (Min. 3 paragraphs):

IC (In- Character):


Your current free regiment?:


Describe yourself (min. 2 paragraphs):

Your characters story:

By filling in this application, you agree to taking responsibility towards the chosen regiment and that failure to provide necessary content for them both in-game and on the forums may lead to the rank being removed. You further agree to the rules of Cloudnetworks and accept that you may further lose your rank dependant on actions in-game which may break the rules.

Your owner welshy


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