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Post by Cheeky005 on Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:45 am

Staff Applications

1) Staff apps must be copied correctly. (Punishment App being denied)
2) Spamming replies/threads. (Punishment Forum Ban) (One day)
3) You must have 12 hours to apply for staff (Punishment App being denied)
4) To be added to the staff team you must be accepted by a headmanger or higher.
5) If you have been asked to change your application you must do so in a 24 hour limit. If you do not change it in 24 hours you will be denied.

Forum General Rules

1) Racism (One day ban)
2) Sexism (One day ban)
3) Homophobia ( One day ban)
4) Spamming (One day Ban)
5) Hacking forum (Perma ban)

- SAS MAJGEN Kitty Lewis (Head Moderator)
- SAS LTGEN Robinson (Head Administrator)

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