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General Rules. ALL MUST READ Empty General Rules. ALL MUST READ

Post by Cheeky005 on Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:43 am

By joining the server you agree to follow by our rules. If you do not comply with these rules you will be dealt with by a member of the staff team. All members of the server must follow these rules even staff.

1) RDM is not aloud. (Punishment Warn/Jail) (Jail is 180 seconds long)
2) NLR is 5 minutes. (Punishment Warn)
3) Racism is not aloud. (Punishment One day ban(1440 minutes)
4.) Homophobia. (Punishment One day ban(1440 minutes)
5.) Mass RDM. (Punishment Week Ban(Can be extended to permaban) (10080 minutes)

6) Disrespect. (Punishment Warn/Kick)
7) Hacking. (Permaban)
8 ) Disobeying orders. (Warn/Kick)
9) Fail RP. (Warn/Jail) (Jail 200 seconds)
10) Mic Spam. (Mute/Gag) (Warn/Kick)
11) CDM (Warn/Kick)
12) Mass CDM (Ban) (Can be extended to permaban)
13) Threats (Warn/Ban) (Depends on situation)
14) Meta Gaming (Warn/Jail) (Jail is 200 seconds)
15) Giving out people's personal information (Ban) (Permaban)
16) Catfishing (Ban) (Ban depends on situation)
17) Power Gaming (Warn/Jail) (Jail is 200 seconds long)
18) Fear RP (Warn)
19) Advertising (Jail/Ban) (Jail depends on situation)
20) Spamming Chat (Warn/Jail) (Jail 140 seconds)
21) Loop holing (Jail/Ban) ( Jail 300 seconds) (Ban 3000 Minutes)
21) Abusing kill command (Warn)
22) Lying (Kick/Ban) (Ban depends on situation)
23) Not speaking English (Kick/Ban) (If they re-join after being kicked perm ban)
24) Giving your self promotions (Demoted from current rank)
25) Trolling/minging (Ban/Warn) (Depends on situation)
26) LTAP (Ban) (Depends on situation)
27) Using ALT accounts (Ban) (Perma ban)
28) At BA you may do a vote to promote people you must have 4 plus ones for the soldier to be promoted.
29) Only SGT plus may vote.
30) Using fake evidence to get somebody banned. (Perma ban)

- SAS MAJGEN Kitty Lewis (Head Moderator)
- SAS LTGEN Robison (Head Administrator)

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