Danny's(Danse) T-mod Application

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Danny's(Danse) T-mod Application Empty Danny's(Danse) T-mod Application

Post by PaladinDanse on Tue Dec 13, 2016 7:43 pm

Template For Apply
 by DuppyHappy on Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:49 pm

When you apply you NEED to use this template, failure to do so will lead into you being Auto-Denied

In Game Name : UN General Danny
SteamName: Paladin Danse
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:88021484
Describe your self: I Believe myself to be a chilled person when it comes to gaming. However I'm quite a shy person. I'm in my 11th year of school studying, focusing on Food and nutrition, Drama Tech (Behind the scenes stuff like lighting and sound, prop design) and Computer science. I come from Ireland (the north) where I live in the country side, My hobbies would include Gaming, Warhammer And Spending time outside, whether its exploring or whatever.
have a Job at my local village shop, that can be interesting because you meet different people everyday, Some better than others. I guess that's it really.
Amount of warns (max 4 ): 0
amount of bans : 0
amount of kicks (max 2): 0
Amount of hours in game (Needed 12 Hours): 7hours (I saw venom had only 3 so idk)
what does RDM mean : Random Death match: engaging in a fight for no rp purpose and/ or killing someone for no rp reason.
what does NLR mean : New life rule, forgetting everything from you last life and not going back to the place you died for a certain amount of time.
What does CDM mean : Car death match: Killing someone with a car.
Name Some ULX commands : Noclip, Kick, ban, freeze, jail, god, cloak
Hours in the server : 7 hours (As I stated before about only 7)
Total Hours in Garry's Mod: 2500
Why do you want to be staff (min 2 paragraphs) : I would like to be staff on your server as I enjoy spending my time on it and would like to give back  to the community. I joined the server a few weeks ago when there were little people on. I had to go for a week and came back to see the community had grown.
I would love to help the server by helping people on any questions they may have about the server or what to do, And if nessasery find the misbehaviors and depending on the severity, Warn or punishment as seen fit.
why should we pick you for staff (detailed answers min 1 paragraph): I don't want to sound... Well y'know what I'm talking about. Cloud networks was the first Garry's Mod community I joined that I felt I really enjoyed playing. And I am thankful to that and for all the bad I've done in the past I feel like I want to do my good and help the server in the ways I can. I've looked up to the staff team, and some as my idol, And I want people to get the same feeling as I did. I have over 2500 hours Garry's Mod. And  I know the basics of ULX and stuff.  lol! .

have you had any experience before ( what rank and server name) : On a Vietnam server I got to admin, A HPRP I got to Smod and A server called Infinity I got to Co-owner now, They have closed down now. I know it sounds absurd but take my word for it.


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Danny's(Danse) T-mod Application Empty Re: Danny's(Danse) T-mod Application

Post by TOMMYLAD243 on Fri Dec 16, 2016 12:22 am

+ good knowledge of ULX Commands
- not enough hours
+ good grammar
+ good explanations
+ had experience

well done with the app this will be handed over to welshy and the staff team

Moderator - tommy

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Danny's(Danse) T-mod Application Empty Re: Danny's(Danse) T-mod Application

Post by Zed[CW] on Fri Dec 16, 2016 3:44 pm

Tommy your a moderator you can't accept staff applications


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Danny's(Danse) T-mod Application Empty Re: Danny's(Danse) T-mod Application

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