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Mr Law's Staff Application Empty Mr Law's Staff Application

Post by Fergus Law on Mon Dec 05, 2016 9:23 am

In Game Name :Fergus
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:22472735
Describe your self:I'm Fergus/Mr Law.I was demoted for power abuse,I was sorry about that.I hope I can have a new chance. I live in Hong Kong (GMT +8 ). Nothing can be impossible but working hard. I sure everyone can finish their life targets with working hard. My target here is to make server fun and fair.
Amount of warns (max 4 ):0
amount of bans :0
amount of kicks (max 2)0
Amount of hours in game 12+
what does RDM mean :Random Death Match
what does NLR mean : New Life Rule
What does CDM mean : Commander
Name Some ULX commands : !Kick !Ban !Jail !Freeze !goto !bring !return
Hours in the server :12+
Total Hours in Garry's Mod:2000+
Why do you want to be staff (min 2 paragraphs) :
I would like to help the server since I have know more about the server.I have be trained,trained people. When I first joined,I was helped by staff,now it should be my turn to help the others.
Nothing can be impossible but working hard. I hope I can make this server fun and fair. I will help the others as well every staffs did,thank you to all the staffs.

why should we pick you for staff (detailed answers min 1 paragraph):
I promise I will work harder because of the last demotion. I promise this server will be full of fun. I promise the thing I did won't happen anymore. Please give me a new chance.

have you had any experience before ( what rank and server name) :
XP Server [Co Founder]
TW Server [Co Founder]
2 Hl2RP server [Head admin | Co Founder+Rank Manager]

Fergus Law

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Mr Law's Staff Application Empty Re: Mr Law's Staff Application

Post by DuppyHappy on Mon Dec 05, 2016 2:54 pm

I am willing to give you an Second chance, please do not Abuse again.

This application is now Closed


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