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212th Assault Division Empty 212th Assault Division

Post by OhhMongo on Tue Dec 27, 2016 3:53 am

*You may notice that I've put commanders in command of companies already, this is only temporary until they accept*
Introducing the 212th Assault Division. The best and only current division in our army. The division is built up of all of the special forces regiments and corps, that includes SAS, SRR, AGAT and Navy SEALs, but this doesn't mean anyone from these regiments and corps are automatically accepted. You must complete the training and identification phase. Below is a little information about our divison.

Founded: 27th December 2016
Founder: SAS Recon 1IC Robison
Motto: "Bellum nunquam permanenti" (War Never Changes)

The 212th Assault Division is split into 4 groups also known as "Companies"

212th Assault Division - 'A' Company, 'B' Company, '7' Company, '12' Company.

212th Assault Division Commanders - SAS Recon 1IC LtGen Robison
                                                  SAS Medic 2IC MajGen 'Kitty' Lewis
'A' Company - SAS Pilot SSM Miner
'B' Company - SRR 1IC Col Mafumem
'7' Company - AGAT 1IC Col Red
'12' Company - AGAT 2IC LtCol Kyle

There is no rank structure but you can still rank up from being a part of the division.

SAS Recon 1IC LtGen Robison (Manager)


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