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A Speech From Miner Empty A Speech From Miner

Post by Minerxg on Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:20 pm

Hello to all if you didn't know I am Minerxg currently the Head Manager of the Staff-Team/Server.
Recently there has been a lot of drama most of us are trying to do something about it and others don't really care and when people don't care it brings apart the server into two groups ones who care and ones who doesn't.
Sadly the ones who don't on the staff team normally abuse and everybody who cares trys to fix it but those who don't stop them and when they are stop they are unable to fix the issue.
Countless times I have tried to fix the problem by demoting them but they threaten me about getting demoted by higher ups or I get shit (Sorry for the laugh) from people when I do it.
I am trying and trying each day most people agree with what I am doing and someone don't. I want to put this into peoples mind if we are not together the server is not going to get along and work well but if we are together we will.
I beg you to fix this problem and to get rid of the people who abuse and make the server bad you may not like what I am saying but it is the fucking truth and no one sees that days after days I have said this no one is taking that in to mind
even higher ups this is not the way to act so I suggest buck up or get the hell out because I can't deal with it anymore and admins, mods and every else can't deal with so please if I make a desison please listen to it and don't go against it.
One final thing and I am repeating this it is the truth and if you don't like what I am talking about you might aswell demote me and would I take the time out of my day to write a speech if I was lying to you. Please stand by my side and lets get rid of those who make the server a bad place and abuse!
Thank you


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