Kitty's Staff Commendation

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Kitty's Staff Commendation Empty Kitty's Staff Commendation

Post by OhhMongo on Wed Dec 21, 2016 4:01 am

Staff member you're commending: Kitty

Their Rank: Head Moderator

Reason for Commendation: Back when Kitty first joined, I was the one who trained him to RMC Recruit. Now we are both Lieutenant General and Major General of the SAS. I've worked alongside Kitty ever since he first stepped into this server and hes non stop worked to create this server a better place for everyone. Kitty and I are like Batman and Robin, but we are both Batman. the effort that Kitty puts into this server is extraordinary and definitely deserves a promotion to Admin.

SAS 2IC LtGen Robison (Head Admin)  


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