Kitty's Trial Moderator Application.

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Kitty's Trial Moderator Application. Empty Kitty's Trial Moderator Application.

Post by Cheeky005 on Sun Dec 18, 2016 1:17 pm

In Game Name : SAS CSGT Kitty
SteamName: Kitty Is Back
Describe your self: I am kind, thoughtful, hard working, I don't like people feeling bad, Pro active, funny, honest, I like things to be fair and equal.
Amount of warns (max 4 ): None
amount of bans : None
amount of kicks (max 2) None
Amount of hours in game (Needed 12 Hours). 9 hours
what does RDM mean : Random Death Match (Killing someone without a reason)
what does NLR mean : New Life Rule ( Remembering what your past character new or returning to the place that you died at.)
What does CDM mean : Car Death Match ( Killing without a reason with a car)
Name Some ULX commands : !jail (name) (time of jail sentence), !tp (name), !hp (name), !goto (name), !kick (name), !ban (name) (time of ban sentence), !god (name), !cloak (name), !slay (name), !strip (name), !burn (name), !silentslay (name).
Hours in the server : 9 hours on the server.
Total Hours in Garry's Mod: 2026 hours.
Why do you want to be staff (min 2 paragraphs) : I want to help make sure the server grows and that people join. I want to help the server deal with rdmers and trollers. I am used to serious roleplay so when I see trollers and rdmers I tend to get annoyed because I don't like people destroying the fun for other people. I have been on the server for a bit now and I already love it. As soon as I joined I did a SAS tryout and completed it easily. Because of how nice people were to me I wanted to do something to help the server and I thought that all of my past rp and admin experience I would be able to help the server develop and keep it clean for trolls.

I want to also make sure other people are having fun and not being trolled or rdmed. Because of all of my past friends I am able to get more people onto the server so it can grow. I am also in love with the server because it is so fun and lore friendly and serious. I also don't mind donating to keep the server going.

why should we pick you for staff (detailed answers min 1 paragraph): You should pick me for staff because I have a lot of past experience being staff, I can make more people join the server, I have a nice friendly attitude making people want to stay and donate, I have great ideas for events and general ideas for the server so that it can be even more rp friendly. I have a lot of spare time at the moment so I will be on nearly every day for the whole day. I have a lot of experience dealing with hackers and I am able to code a bit or if you need help coding I can ask my uncle who works for Microsoft and made the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, also my uncles girl friend is making the new cloud so I have a lot of knowledge on coding.

have you had any experience before ( what rank and server name) :
Cookie Gaming (Super Admin)
Civil Gamers Dark RP (Admin)
Civil Gamers Jail Break (Head Admin)
Walking Dead RP (Admin)
Republic Gaming Starwars (Mod)
Republic Gaming Halo (Senior Admin)
Advanced Gaming (Senior Admin)
I have a lot more but I was told not to put down 60 servers.

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