OhhMongo [Robison]'s Staff Application

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OhhMongo [Robison]'s Staff Application Empty OhhMongo [Robison]'s Staff Application

Post by OhhMongo on Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:03 am

In Game Name : SAS WO2 Robison
SteamName: OhhMongo
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:108035286
Describe your self: I am 14 years old born in England. I am responsible, well disciplined and follow orders clearly and properly. According to my friends I have the best banter, I'm kind and I'm always for everyone.
Amount of warns (max 4 ): 0
amount of bans : 0
amount of kicks (max 2): I've had one, but it was a misunderstanding.
Amount of hours in game (Needed 12 Hours): 13 hr 10 mins
what does RDM mean? : Random Death Match - When you can another player randomly
what does NLR mean? : New Life Rule - When you must forget everything in your past life and not return to your death location for a certain amount of time.
What does CDM mean? : Car Death Match - When you kill somebody with a vehicle randomly.
Name Some ULX commands : ulx god, ulx hp, ulx jail, ulx adduser
Hours in the server : 13 hr 10 mins
Total Hours in Garry's Mod: 467 hours
Why do you want to be staff (min 2 paragraphs) : I want to be staff as I love playing on the MilitaryRP server very much. The atmosphere and the community is probably one of the best I've came across out of the 100 and odd servers I've been on. Being staff is one of the best things I've ever done on gmod, creating a better environment for players is something I'm truly happy doing, nobody likes trolls, RDMers or any law breakers on servers and I want to be the one to stop them.

I know I will dedicated in making this community the best it can be, it's all I want for this server, to be welcoming for new cadets ready to be trained and prepared for all out war. I love the Roleplay experience it's what makes garrys mod unique and in my opinion Cloud Networks is the best server out there right now.  
why should we pick you for staff? (detailed answers min 1 paragraph): I believe I should be picked for staff because I am well educated, well disciplined and highly responsible when it comes to things that can mean importance to me. For example, I am part of the CCF (Combined Cadet Force) in my local area, I only joined 3 month ago but I am already beginning to learn a lot about the military, discipline and responsibility. My military knowledge could be a lot of help for the server as it could help create a more accurate experience of the British Army. I used to own my own MilitaryRP server, it was called Exodus Networks, it took me one month to get everything ready for the launch of it, I had gathered a highly trained staff team, created jobs, VIP jobs and equipment , you name it. Unfortunately I had to end my server due to financial problems. I have lots of experience in owning, developing and organizing servers due to the fact I've owned a server and was and admin on another, so I could be very useful for Cloud Networks.
have you had any experience before? ( what rank and server name) : Exodus Networks: Founder (Ended) Electrum Servers DarkRP: Admin (Ended)

OhhMongo, SAS WO2 Robison


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OhhMongo [Robison]'s Staff Application Empty Re: OhhMongo [Robison]'s Staff Application

Post by Zed[CW] on Fri Dec 16, 2016 3:46 pm

Welcome to the staff team mongo!


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