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Venoms Application Empty Venoms Application

Post by Venom on Tue Dec 13, 2016 5:44 pm

In Game Name : Venom (full name : RMC recruit Venom)
SteamName: {Venom}
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:104111946
Describe your self: I am a friendly guy who prefers to avoid fights , I never bully'd any1 becuasei whas the one who got bullyd when i whas jounger. I have a girlfriend and have good results at school if we do things with computers wich is great t.b.h. . I did many hovvys when i whas jounger and i suffer from Dislection if u can't already tell but i also have ADD (but thats not inportant) .
Amount of warns (max 4 ): 0
amount of bans : 0
amount of kicks (max 2): 0
Amount of hours in game (Needed 12 Hours): 1 hour , but I have some experience with SeriousRP
what does RDM mean : Ramdom Death Match
what does NLR mean : New Life Rule
What does CDM mean : sorry but i don't know this one
Name Some ULX commands : Jail , Ignite , Kick , Ban , PermaBan, Ragdoll, GiveHP, giveArmore,...
Hours in the server : 1
Total Hours in Garry's Mod: 1263 in total and able to spend more
Why do you want to be staff (min 2 paragraphs) : I have some experience With Semi,Serious RP before and i hate when the rule breakers ruin the fun for every1 . I liked the server and its community so I thought that i could do something in return and help the server so that rule breakers won't ruin the fun . I also live in Belgium and we have difrent hours and stuff so its easyer for me to get on early in some days. I would like to share my ideas and vission on the server with other stuff in hopes to prevent bad things from happening.
why should we pick you for staff (detailed answers min 1 paragraph): Becuase I have been staff in many RP servers so i had many difrent encounters with rule breakers , not all have been easy to deal with but i maniged to do just fine . When i become T-mod or staff at a server becuase how i handle things most of the time i work my way around Head-Admin or Super-Admin . Most of the times my previous bosses(A.K.A. server owners) said i dillivered good work ,becuase i knew how to handle the admin commands very well .
have you had any experience before ( what rank and server name) : Most of the servers i did before are gone from gmod and i sadly couldn't find any in my history or favorites but my rank is mostly around admin or Head-armin i never got demoted in my history of beeing staff


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Venoms Application Empty Re: Venoms Application

Post by Zed[CW] on Tue Dec 13, 2016 6:26 pm

This application is very detailed.Your grammar wont be a problem since you speak a lot on mic.You also seem like a good roleplayer from what ive seen but the only minus is that you have one hour but i belive you can be a good staff!
Welcome to the staff team Venom! Smile


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