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Template For Apply Empty Template For Apply

Post by DuppyHappy on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:49 pm

When you apply you NEED to use this template, failure to do so will lead into you being Auto-Denied

In Game Name :
Describe your self:
Amount of warns (max 4 ):
amount of bans :
amount of kicks (max 2)
Amount of hours in game (Needed 12 Hours)
what does RDM mean :
what does NLR mean :
What does CDM mean :
Name Some ULX commands :
Hours in the server :
Total Hours in Garry's Mod:
Why do you want to be staff (min 2 paragraphs) :
why should we pick you for staff (detailed answers min 1 paragraph):
have you had any experience before ( what rank and server name) :

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